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Frangipani plants Valentines day special

From only $29

Please order and finalize payment by Monday February 7th, 2011 otherwise delivery might be after Valentine's Day.

Feel free to order any species of frangipani and any colour as a Valentine's Day gift (you can do this on our Small Frangipani Plants and Large Frangipani Plants pages) but we'd like to recommend one specific frangipani. The Plumeria Pudica is commonly called "Everlasting Love" so it makes an even greater present and greater Valentine's Day gift to express your love to those close to you. Each plant comes with a colourful "Everlasting Love Frangipani" tag.

We'd like to recommend a 45 litre Everlasting Love Frangipani (approx 1.1m tall) to those in South East Queensland and a pair of small Everlasting Love Frangipanis (min height 20cm)  to our interstate customers (Please note, due to quarantine restrictions, we DO NOT send our frangipanis to Western Australia, Tasmania and overseas countries). (Note: South East Queensland includes the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Noosa to the north and Gold Coast airport to the South. It also includes west of Brisbane to Toowoomba.)

The Everlasting Love Frangipani is the most profuse flowerer of all frangipanis, however the flowers have no scent. They are also the most fungus resistant and one of the hardiest of all frangipanis. They are evergreen in the tropics but hold more of their leaves for longer than other frangipanis.

For our small frangipanis, we usually require a minimum order of four frangipanis but feel free to order two Everlasting Love Pudica Frangipanis. This will come to $29 including delivery! You can, of course, order more than 2. Shipping costs for small frangipanis is $15 per 4 plants (or part thereof). Shipping charges for the 45 litre frangipani is $55 per pallet. At this stage we will assume one pallet per large plant, however any saving in shipping costs will be refunded to you.

We have reduced our small Everlasting Love Frangipanis, from $10 to $7 and our 45 litre Everlasting Love Frangipanis from $90 to $75 for a short time to promote the love giving. 

Whether you are single, married or somewhere in between, hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's day!!!

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To purchase some of our Valentine's Day special frangipanis, please complete the order form below. You can pay by bank deposit, credit card or PayPal (credit card sales done through PayPal).

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Small Everlasting Love Frangipani $7.00 plus $15 postage for each group of 4 plants or part thereof
Large Everlasting Love Frangipani $75.00 plus $55 freight to SE Queensland

Note: if paying by Direct Deposit, please note down order details for your records or click here to print this form before submitting.

Our Frangipani grower

Our frangipani grower is Frangipanis of Noosa.

While most nurseries aim to follow trends and increase the variety of their plant species, Frangipanis of Noosa specializes in frangipani plants and is one of the most prominent frangipani wholesalers in Australia. Frangipanis of Noosa operates their frangipani farms near the town of Boreen Point in several locations in the surrounding Cootharaba region.

Supplying Frangipani Trees From Noosa to Australia

Frangipanis of Noosa aims to serve as many locations in Australia as possible and, thanks to the population density and transport availability, the majority of their customers are located in the main cities on the eastern coast of Australia, namely Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Thanks to proximity, they also supply many landscaping projects on the Sunshine Coast. Unfortunately, due to quarantine restrictions, Frangipanis of Noosa does not send frangipani trees to Western Australia or Tasmania.


To arrange to collect your ordered frangipani trees or to see our frangipani stock, please speak to David or Keiran on (07) 5485 3792. Customer visits to see our frangipani trees are by appointment only and only for registered nurseries, real-estate developers, professional landscapers and individuals for purchases of more than $100.

Contact Details

Plumerias of Noosa
ABN : 50 706 949 619
Phone : 07-5485 3792
Website : www.FrangipaniTrees.com.au (don't forget to mention you were referred by All Things Frangipani).
Email : noosa@wholesalefrangipanis.com

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